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My old Sweetwater filter seems to be leaking
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Autor:  MichaelMorin [ 09 Abr 2018, 07:21 ]
Título:  My old Sweetwater filter seems to be leaking


My filter is at least 10 years old. It's a Sweetwater Guardian; I can't tell if it was made by MSR or someone else, it is old enough I can't see any brand info on it. It's always been super-reliable. This last trip it started leaking out of the middle plunger, shooting water all over the place. The flow rate of clean water was significantly reduced, although I made it through by little trip unscathed. Any ideas how to repair this? I can't really see what the problem is. There's an O ring around the plunger, and maybe the clear plastic shaft used to be attached to the head of the thing, but now it's separated - so maybe that is what broke? If so, it does not look reparable.

Please help

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Autor:  Mauro Becker [ 14 Abr 2018, 04:44 ]
Título:  Re: My old Sweetwater filter seems to be leaking

Hi Michael,

Welcome to Brasil Reef.

About your problem, It may be a sealing ring.
maybe you can, find the solution, in a representative of another model or manufacturer.
But on this site, the subject of discussion is aquarism. Sorry.

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